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EDITION 11 - October 2000

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Surviving A Canadian Winter

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Surviving a Canadian Winter

Every year a large majority of the vehicles on the road are caught unprepared for the first ,blast of really cold weather. Here is a quick 1 list of things to have checked before that first nasty blast:

  • Cooling System: If it hasn't been done in a while, have your cooling system flushed ad put in fresh antifreeze. And don't forget to have containers, belts, hoses, the pressure caps and thermostat checked.
  • Battery & Electrical System: If your battery is more than a few years old, have it tested. Cold weather is hard on batteries. Ensure connections are clean and tight. Corroded or loose connections can give the symptoms of a weak or dead battery.
  • Engine: Faulty. wiring, worn spark plugs, a sticking choke or emission control devices that need attention, can all lead to hard starting. A diagnostic check-up of the engine can be a good pre-winter investment.
  • Oil and Fitter: Dirty oil can give you trouble, in the winter. Don't forget to check the other fitters on your vehicle, including fuel, air and transmission filters.
  • Tires:. For every WC of temperature drop, your tire pressure decreased by one pound. Tires which are. under-inflated affect gas mileage, traction and tire wear. Check your tire pressure regularly.

Regular maintenance should help keep your vehicle reliable and safe for any weather driving.